Opening Aréa 42 Collectible fair week-end

29/05 & 30/05/21

Upon reservation only, to register please click on the link below

Come and discover our exclusive preview during the week of COLLECTIBLE SALON from May 26th to the 30th!

Its founder and curator Jean-François Declercq is selecting established designers, artists and emerging talents and is presenting iconic as well as unique furniture, artworks and prototypes made in close collaboration with galleries at the forefront of the Brussels scene such as Fracas Gallery, as well as international design schools, institutions and museums, some for the first time.

Brussels is unlike any other creative cities.

Its diverse and unique artistic density, dynamic and production is respected and has been sought after globally despite the support of public structures.


Annual exhibitions at Area 42 design Space are aiming to give support to the greatest designers, makers and artists of today.

The venue has been chosen for its exceptional character.

Building of the former RTT (Régie du Téléphone et du Télégraphe), conceived by Michel Polak—architect of Brussels’ renowned Villa Empain and Résidence Palace, it is dating from 1937 and located a few steps from Botanique and the LUCA School of Arts. 

This former parking of 2,400 m2 which has been renovated is now offering an 500 m2 unpolished architectural space of white granito floor and curved concrete columns to freely host and exhibitions, events and workshops.


Area 42 is showcasing works by


Abel Jallais (FR), Alain Berteau (BE), Anthony Guerrée (FR), Bram Kerkhofs (BE), Bram Vanderbeke (BE),  Ben Storms (BE), BOU-GE (FR), Casimir Studio (BE), Célia & Hannes (AUT/FR), Christy Cole  (SCT), Claire Lézier (FR), Clement Brazzile (CH), Conrad Willems (BE), Damian O’sullivan (FR), Damien Gernay (FR), David Umemoto (CAN), Eléonore Joulin (FR), Elise Peroi (FR), Estelle Saignes (FR), Estudio Ries (ARG), François-Xavier Poulailon (FR), Gerard Kuijpers (BE), Giuseppe Arezzi (IT),Koen Van Guijze (BE), Inessa Hansch (FR), Jimmy Beyens (BE), Laurence Humier (BE), Laur Meyrieux (FR), Léa Munsch (FR), Lou Van’t Riet (BE), Marc Baroud (LIB), Maxence de Bagneux (FR), Mira Sohlén (SE), Nicolas Erauw (BE), Noro Khachatrian (BE), Pascal Risbourg (FR), Pedro Galdon (ESP), Pierre Coddens (BE), Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte (BE), Pierre-Louis Graizon (FR), Pol Quadens (BE), Raw Material (IND), Rikkert Paauw (NL),  Sébastien Caporusso (BE),  Stand van Zakken (BE), Studio Biskt (BE),  Studio Corkinho (BE), Studio élémentaire (FR), Studio KRJST (BE), Thomas Serruys (BE), Tim Onderbeke (BE), Tim Vranken (BE) and Zigmund Pront (BE).



46 rue des palais

1190 Bruxelles

29/05 & 30/05/21

Upon reservation only, to register please click on the link below


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